Apple isn’t the only company that has a Genius Bar.

Holly Nelson, CEO

Holly Nelson, CEO of 2C DevelopmentI love hot-pink and purple, especially when I can get my mommy to buy me shiny shoes in those colors. Sometimes I pretend to be Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and click my heels together, or dance across the floor listening to my shoes going, tap, tap, tap on the floor.

I love playing school. I get all the children in the neighborhood to be the kids in the class. I make them do a lot of homework. I especially love playing office. My brother, Scott, gave me an old credit card machine for Christmas. He is so clever. He even made punched metal cards and carbon paper credit card slips. When I roll the top part of the machine over the paper, it makes an imprint. I can make credit card slips all day. I also like sneaking into my daddy’s office and playing on his adding machine. The keys make the loveliest sound.

My mommy says that I am pretty bossy, but I don’t think so. I just like telling people what to do, so we can all have fun. I really like it when I get my big brother to play house with me. My mommy laughs and says that someday I will rule the world.

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Calvin Nelson, Director of Web Development

Calvin Nelson, Director of Website DevelopmentBlue is awesome! I like dark blue; the color where the ocean is really deep. Mom says it is called royal blue. Being royal is courageous. I asked her for a big royal blue cape I can sword fight in, like a prince!

I like to pretend cook in my Pizza Hut play place, too. I make pizza pie and fries. I always give them to my Mom, because it isn’t polite for the cook to eat first. She says I’m a great cook!

I want to be an architect when I grow up. I like all the straight lines on our house. Blue prints are so neat and tidy, and blue. I love to make geometric drawings with circles and rulers, and have fun drawing on my computer. Maybe I will work on a computer some day.

I also like rules. Why are they there if you aren’t going to follow them? It just makes it so much easier to have fun that way!

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