Core Company Values

ShieldRemember junior-high science? Remember that litmus paper turning red under contact with acid? We have been in business since 1996, when the internet was new, and the online world was so much smaller. There was a core of developers who were doing amazing things. We all hung-out online.

It was a world of good deeds. In fact, the brother-, and sisterhood, of website developers has always been a world of kindness. One, “How do you do this,” lead to another, and together we strung this thing you know as the internet together, one 1, and one 0, at a time, with some pixels thrown in for good measure.

To keep it that way, we created a LITMUS TEST
for our website development company.

Core Clients – these are the kind of clients we seek:

  • They receive value from our industry-focused expertise & services.
  • They see value in taking time for the creative process to get their own messaging right.
  • They have a “partner” mentality.
  • They are involved in American Industry.

Core Company Values – these are the kind of people we are:

  • Loyal
    We believe in being and working with those who are loyal to each other and to our company. We support each other in our professional and personal lives without becoming a crutch or negatively impacting our personal wellbeing. We speak well of each other publicly and privately and assist each other to reach our full potential. We do the same with our clients, providing them the best possible service, not working with their direct competitors while they engage us, and speaking well of them publicly and privately and assist our clients to reach their full potential
  • Instructive, Innovative, Intuitive
    We inform our clients, sharing relevant data to assist them in succeeding in their business and specifically in their web presence. We continuously seek out new methods, research, and data which help us to provide innovative ways to help our clients succeed.
  • Trustworthy
    We trust each other to deliver what we promise in the timeframe it is promised. We trust each other to support us professionally and personally. And we trust our clients to pay us as agreed in a timely manner, to value our input, and to honestly relate the value of our good work to others upon request. We work with our clients because they meet these standards.
  • Meticulous
    We are detail-oriented and passionate about on-time schedules and budgets.
  • Upright, Understanding, Uncompromising
    We work only with companies, suppliers, and teams who we respect on a personal and professional level. Our work is an extension of our personal ethical standards. We understand that we cannot be all things to all people or companies.
  • Sincere, Selective, Supportive
    Based on our personal values, we select our clients carefully. We work with companies where we clearly see a need we know we can fill with expertise. We listen carefully to our clients to understand their businesses, concerns, competitive landscape and potential deeply. We support our clients’ success with our expertise in engagement on the Internet, including websites, shopping carts, inbound marketing, and online reputation.

Are these the values you want to work with? Let us know.