2C, a revolutionary website development company.

Website Development is what we do.

  • Yet, what we do is so much more than that.
  • We are also building a healthy future for the web development industry, by addressing the needs and interests of both the site owner and the developer, in order to build mutual trust and respect between both parties.

Why We Do It

  • We love building websites. Being the team that builds a critical portion of a company’s success, is our success.
  • More than that, we really love our industry. However, many customers don’t trust our industry, due to negative experiences with previous developers. And many developers feel under-appreciated by their clients.
  • We are driven to build trust in the website industry one project at a time.

How We Do It

  • By seeing both sides of the equation, and creating opportunities to talk about them.
  • By LISTENING. To your viewpoint, needs and experiences. How you are investing hard-won dollars into your website, and you really need it to work. To be right. To bring you a return on your investment.
  • By EDUCATING. What it’s really like to be a developer. How much mind-share we invest in your company. How we need to see that you value all those hours we spend up at 3 am when we come up with your fabulous website design. Not just the hours emailing you.

Rave Review from Client, Dave Stedman, Candle-licious.comBy far the best choice I have ever made for our company! 2C is on the cutting edge of website design and usability! They are so easy to work with. The whole experience was a pleasure. If you want the best web development company, stop looking! 2C is it! ~ Dave Stedman, Candle-licious.com

Our Founder’s Story

Our Wichita KS web development company was created in 1996 by our founder, and CEO, Holly Nelson, and her colleague, Karen Rafferty. Holly and Karen were running independent website design and SEO businesses of their own, but found themselves collaborating on joint projects more and more often. Realizing that it was the natural thing to do, they partnered up under a new name.

But what would that name be?

Doing their usual 3 am, 10 pots of coffee thing, Holly remembered what she had learned at the WSU School of Entrepreneurship. A good name had to include 3 things:

  • Who you are.
  • What you do.
  • It must be memorable.

She slowly verbalized her way through the outline. “We are chicks.” “There are two of us.” “We do computer stuff.”

The earth shook, and “2 Computer Chicks” came out of her mouth. #truestory

This new venture became a sought-after international web design, eCommerce, and SEO business for the next 10 years. They weren’t just successful for their cutting-edge work, but for the intuitive way they cared for and empowered their clients. A huge difference from cagey nerds coding in the basement of their college dorms, who often disappeared and left their clients in the lurch.

They won awards, met lots of people in many industries, and enjoyed being those rare few 1% of females in tech. (It’s up to 8% now.) It was amazing emailing back and forth with fellow nerds at InfoSeek, AltaVista and Yahoo. Ah, those truly were the good old days of tech, when almost everybody knew everybody else.

Out went the Chick…in came the Dude…

Holly became “chickless”, with the retirement of Karen, and a new partnership was formed, this time, with co-conspirator, Calvin Nelson, who started his web development career at the ripe old age of ten. Nothing like entering the marketplace with hundreds of hours of experience under your belt, right?

And it was time to change our brand name. Standing by our original 2C(omputerchicks.com) we changed our name to 2C Development Group.