WordPress Website Design & Development

What is WordPress? It is a Publishing Platform and Content Management System (CMS). WordPress powers more than 23% of the web, worldwide – a figure that rises every day. Everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites are built with WordPress. WordPress combines simplicity for users with under-the-hood complexity for developers. This platform delivers robust features while being easy-to-use.

As of July 2014, monthly WordPress stats looked like this:

  • 409+ million people viewed more than 15.5 billion pages.

  • 41.7 million pieces of fresh content were added to sites.

  • 60.5 million new comments created online conversations.

We Drive Business Growth through WordPress Sites

Businesses can only grow as they adopt digital technologies compatible with mobile users, and are able to respond to online conversations that consumers crave. WordPress easily connects with Facebook and Twitter, making the personal connection with your social media users easy and fast.

Delivering fresh, relevant content, and having a platform that allows your company to become the online expert (domain authority) in your area of specialty (product or service) is one of the most critical necessities for powerful customer experience, and Google knows that. It has been changing its search algorithm to serve up results from websites that offer this type of authority and to demote sites that don’t. WordPress was built for this type of content curation. No other CMS on the market (Drupel, Joomla, Magento) can compare to the popularity of WordPress, in both ease of use, and content management.

Internet Marketing is a breeze in WordPress, as it has been consciously set up for good SEO. Our team of developers take that even further, making sure your WordPress website has full control of all SEO factors and that it loads within mobile-use standards, which is VERY fast. To make sure that your site can maintain this speed, server speed is important. We host all of the websites that we build.

What sets our RWD WordPress Development Apart?

  • Experience. We leverage our early adoption of technologies with our industry exposure since 1996 for your benefit.
  • Freshness. Our Wichita, KS development team releases a new version of our development framework about every 2 weeks. As they use it to develop one client’s site, they innovate even more. All those improvements and upgrades go into the new version. The latest and greatest version is the one we will use on YOUR site.
  • Speed. Our WordPress sites are so cleanly coded, using cutting-edge technologies, they load in less than 2 seconds, the defacto standard for mobile load times.
  • Training. we train you how to manage your CMS for both security and for content curation.
  • Ongoing Support. We give you a 20+ page Client Handbook that has all the basic info you need, plus any custom instructions you need, and continue to support your organization through ongoing consulting and education.

“2C Development Group has handled all of my website needs for 15+ years. I have never been disappointed with them at any time during those years. They have always kept my best interest first. Any changes to my website have been quick and trouble free. I would recommend 2C Dev Group and the staff to anyone looking for WordPress development or SEO.” Richard Cox, Rent a Vette

We create fast-loading mobile WordPress websites by:

  • Using a great Caching Plugin
  • Compressing all Images
  • Minifying HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Cutting down on HTTP Requests
  • Optimizing Database Tables

Developer Note: What is the difference between stand-alone WordPress websites and WordPress.com sites?

WordPress CMS is software that is mobile, and can be downloaded and installed anywhere that the hosting environment is optimal. On the other hand, WordPress.com sites are hosted on WordPress.com, and use a watered down version of the software. The plugins you can install is limited. We do not recommend WordPress.com sites for any professional websites.

What’s holding you back from showing the world you are THE expert in your field? Let us know.