Website Maintenance Services

We work using a powerful phased approach that leverages our years of industry experience, and minimizes project friction for you.

  • Auditing or Evaluation
  • Remediation
  • Building
  • Maintaining

Website Maintenance Service Questions

  • Hosting Environment and Server-type. Linux or Windows? Reliable website host?
  • Platform (software). Static, Mobile, Content Management, eCommerce? Modern, or out-dated?
  • Coding. Recency, professionalism and consistency of code. Is best practice in use?
  • Site Architecture. Are the server files organized in a usable way?
  • Needs. What are your organization’s needs: volume and timing?

The process starts with a site evaluation, followed by a professional consultation about your needs. If we conclude that all of the above standards are met and are a good fit for our team, we will offer you a flat-fee website maintenance contract, based on the information we gathered during our evaluation and consultations with you.

Keep in mind, that in most cases, we find issues that need to be remedied first, in which case, as part of our consultation, we will point your company to the services that you need in another phase, and start there.

Critical Website Improvement Solutions

  • Website Hosting: Website hosting is the backbone to every other digital asset you own. About 75% of our clients come to us with complaints about their host. Moving sites to our reliable hosting servers is something we often do as the first remediation.
  • Site Architecture: $1000’s are spent by website owners in extra maintenance fees, due to improper site architecture. Your previous webmaster may not have been the sticklers for server organization, that we are. Your site’s organization on the hosting server can spell the success or death-knell of being competitive online. It can affect Site Speed, SEO, ability to update, or maintain your site. It will even cause the need for a website redesign, as programmers refuse to work on your site. Our philosophy? Organize like the next webmaster would like things set up. Be kind. Be professional.
  • Website Platform: Today is the era of the Digital Tipping Point. This is when companies who get their digital assets into good order will be competing, while others fall behind and loose traction. Being on the right platform has never been more important, especially with the burgeoning need for mobile accessibility. Only about 13% of the sites that we evaluate are currently RWD (done with mobile-ready responsive website development). If your site is not current and modern, we strongly suggest entering the building phase now, with a website redesign. As of 2014, those who do not catch up to this technology will fall far behind their competition.

You did a GREAT job. I am so glad that I found your company. From the first consultation, Holly Nelson eased my fears, and took the time to explain my options to me in detail.” –V. Florence