Website Consulting Services

You have the right answers. We have the right questions.

You are the most critical component to your online success. You are keenly aware of pain points within your organization, your staff, your digital needs, and your digital lacks. You recognize that it is hard to compete without a strong online presence. You fear that your website platform is hard to manage, hard to update, and wastes your company’s time and negatively impacts your bottom line.

The June 2014 McKinsey Study says, “Many executives also agree that digital talent remains a trouble area for their organizations. Only one-third of respondents say at least one in ten of their employees spends any time working on digital projects. Of the challenges companies face in meeting their digital priorities, difficulty finding talent often tops the list. Roughly 9 out of 10 executives say their companies have some pressing need for digital talent in the next year.

You wish you had a Digital Partner

You want to take a thoughtful and strategic approach to your branding, website design and development, website maintenance, SEO, and corporate social media; but just don’t have the right partner. That is where we come along side, and listen. We ask questions. You tell us the right answers. We provide the talent pool.

With over two decades of experience in the website industry, and in your sector, we expertly hone in on the important issues, prioritize needs, and prepare for results. Our goal is to create a sustainable online process, that your staff can easily work with, that attracts leads and sales to increase your bottom line.

What will we consult with you about?

The list is way too long to put here, but here are some core aspects that we will cover with almost any customer project:

  • Value propositions
  • Target customer segments
  • Distribution channels
    • Direct
    • Indirect means with intermediaries
  • Customer relationships
  • Core capabilities
  • Revenue model
    • Lead generation
    • Online shopping
    • Freemium
    • Subscription
    • Training
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Ad-funded

We exist to champion American industry online by partnering with the C-suite to ensure that their companies are future-proof.