Website Audit Services

Website consulting almost always includes a website audit. Results demand a professional website. Inbound marketing is inconsequential if your leads arrive at a below-par website.

According to a new survey from McKinsey, “It’s evident that digitization has become a critical asset in many companies’ quest for growth. More than three-quarters of executives say the strategic intent behind their digital programs is either to build competitive advantage in an existing business or to create new business and tap new profit pools.”

Building a Competitive Advantage

You know that you have to have a website, but perhaps you don’t know if your website is one that will give you that competitive advantage?

This is where our Competitor Audit is critical. You may be focused on your own site, but are you intricately aware of the branding, marketing, design and platform techniques that your competition is employing? We will research your competition. Those you know about, and those you may not.

And, how does your site perform? Is it slow? Is your website host unresponsive to technical issues? Emails down?

How well does Google like your website content? Have you become the leading expert in your field through quality, engaging website and social content? Are you leading the competition?

Can your website visitor easily be converted to a lead? How are sales? Is your website your leading digital marketing tool? Are you leaning too hard on your sales staff to do things your website should perform?

You will get the best results by combining our website audit services:

  • Competitor Audit
  • Website Quality Audit
  • Technical Site Audit
  • SEO Website Audit
  • Content Audit – Website and Social
  • UX Design Audit

Our Website Audit Process

Our website audits are a full review of the effectiveness of the components listed above. It is a customized website review based on your goals and our expertise – not a cookie-cutter template approach. Depending on the audit, we will research your Site Architecture, Indexing, 404 Page Not Found, Site Speed, Search Engine Optimization, Website Platform and Hosting, Content Quality, Domain Authority, Branding and Web Usability Design (UX) and much more.

We will have impartial testers go to your website, and note how a first-time visitor experiences your website – the positives, the negatives, and everything in between.

These are the stages of the process:

  • Consult
  • Research / Test
  • Recommendations
  • Report
  • Remediation

Our process starts with an intake discussion to review your website goals, technical, hosting and SEO history, competitors, and a summary of pain-points and lead creation, or profit loss.

Then, we will perform customized tests and reviews. Frankly, we want to see if your website is broken in any way. We will take a diagnostic look under the hood, and test for technical, search engine, and lead generation performance.

Our results will be published in a PDF Report, with full explanations of the tests we performed, the results and actionable, prioritized recommendations.

Lastly, we will lead you through the Remediation Process. Starting with the urgent action Items, through to on-going content curation and website maintenance, we will partner with you for results.

Remediate your Site’s Issues! Get started now.