Social Media Marketing, Wichita KS

Social media has created a new sales channel, as well as a way to quickly connect with your customers. In 140 characters or less, you can tell the world about your expertise and share your body of knowledge. We offer services to set up and optimize your social media profiles, and educational resources to learn how to use it for your company. We can also help you identify internal staff that can serve your ongoing needs for social media management, or help you to know when it is time to hire an off-site social media management service.

Social Media has already become a critical component of online success.

63% of people (or more) are looking for your company, your products and your services online. The online Yellow Pages are simply not enough anymore. Our own experience matches that of most of our clients when they say that their online directory listings often have their company in the wrong category, worded incorrectly, or with reviews that they cannot login to respond to. Urgent customer service opportunities are wasted in many of these listing.

In December 2010, search engines started using social media signals to manage rankings (Twitter & Facebook). Google leaned more heavily toward that with Hummingbird in August 2013, by rewarding conversational content, schema, social links, online citation.

You cannot afford to wait to enter the Social Media world!

Social Media Services we offer:

  • Corporate Social Media Account Set-up: for LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ Business (Google Maps, Google Places, Google Local), You Tube, Facebook, Pinterest, Slide Share.
  • Corporate Social Media Account Branding/Design: for LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ Business, You Tube, Facebook, Pinterest, Slide Share.
  • Social Media Training: We train your staff how to use your preferred Social Media accounts effectively.
  • Social Media Consulting: We help you untangle old accounts, accounts set up incorrectly, unnecessary accounts, and social media branding issues.

“I get so many “yes” answers from y’all because you are just that fabulous! Thank you for helping us with our social media accounts. We feel confident now.” Anne Elizabeth, Wichita, KS

 Since you cannot wait, let us know how we can help you today.