Copywriting Services for SEO & Marketing

Creative and Compelling are some of the words that come to mind when describing the copywriting services we have been offering since 1996.  We employ a lovely blend of old-school & new-school ideas and techniques. Old enough to know what is important to include, and new enough to be fresh.

Some people feel that copywriting methods have changed due to all the Google algorithm changes. We disagree. That would only be true if the copy wasn’t educational and enticing in the first place. Tsk, Tsk! If you were doing black hat keyword stuffing, and other naughty website copy tricks, “burn it”. We’ll give you the match.

We help you tell your story!

Everyone who creates products and services has a story. He, or she, started out telling that story to anyone who would listen, including the waitress at the corner cafe, and finally, to the loan officer, hoping that story would turn into a new business loan.

Over time, people forget their stories. They get so busy making widgets that life becomes routine. Routine is a story killer. It drains your energy and suppresses creativity.

We have magicians, though, who will take the spell off the mind of the busy widget maker, and allow him, or her, to jump off a curb like a kid, splash in the rain, and laugh when the umbrella turns inside out. Childhood is the purest form of creativity. Then the evil Inner Critic begins to form, flooding our minds with reasons our words and ideas are not good enough. We can take you back to that inner place, where passion is louder than critique. Where ideas run rampant, and in helping you tell your story, help you fall in love with your business all over again.

Let’s face it. It’s fun to tell stories!

Seriously, we all learned everything we needed to know on this subject in kindergarten. Teachers read stories to us. We told stories to our classmates. Did Show and Tell. And if we were naughty, told a whopper to get out of trouble. I KNOW you can tell a story. It is our job to ask the right questions. As our byline says, “you have the right answers, we have the right questions.”

That is the nature of our success with business owners. We let them be kids again, and get into that place, where the words start coming in a rush, and topple out all over themselves and fall on the conference table. Then we gently gather them up, take them back to our office, line them up, shuffle, reshuffle, add in some sugar and spice, and before you know it, we have created something very nice.

Our writing & editing skills are perfect for:

  • Website Content
  • Natural SEO copy
  • Product and Product Category Descriptions and Intro’s
  • Social Engagement
  • Content Curation & Blog Posts

“Holly did an outstanding job writing my all product summaries. Love what you did with the material. You have my great thanks!” – Gwendolyn D. Galsworth, Visual Thinking © VTI/Visual-Lean® Institute

Ready to tell your story? Let us know.