Miva Merchant Modules

WARNING: If this is your first venture into the world of Miva 5 Modules you have NO idea how excited you are about to be! You might become that crazy kid in the candy store. Our clients have been known to look through the Miva Module Store, and come back to us, mumbling, “could you, just please, maybe, for sure, kinda get that module installed yesterday?” We always laugh and hand them an oxygen mask. Then, tell them where the Miva Module Recovery group meets on Tuesday nights.

What are Miva Modules?

A Miva Merchant Module is a third party plug-in created by a Miva Developer, that can be installed in a Miva Merchant Shopping Cart to extend the functionality or features of the cart.

Caveat: With the latest roll-out of core Miva Merchant software updates, more and more features and functions that were only available by using a Miva module are now included in the on-board software. What does that mean to you? Be careful what modules you buy, because you may end up duplicating features already included. We strongly suggest that you consult with us before you buy, to go over your needs, current Miva version, and possible conflicting modules already installed.

“2C Development Group really are THE experts when it comes to Miva Modules. We are very pleased with the solutions that they have recommended. They added a lot of functionality that we needed and brought us peace of mind.” Online Trading Academy

The module story begins back in the very early days of the mid-90’s, when Miva created a unique relationship with a small but growing number of independent developers who offered development services to “customize” Miva Merchant for customers. Miva developed a “plug-in” interface (API) so these “customizations” could be rolled up into scripts and installed instead of the developer having to manually edit the Miva Merchant source code for each customer.

How do I get my Miva modules installed?

We are a certified Miva Partner and will install them for you. While many modules can be handled by DIY’ers, more complex ones require skills like FTP, CSS, and a deep knowledge of Miva Merchant. We partner with you, through short contracts that you can use for module installations, Miva consulting, and Miva updates. Get your modules installed now.

Which ones are right for me?

That depends on your specific eCommerce needs and what makes your business different from others. Click here for a consultation. We may decide that custom Miva programming is the best, or only, solution for your needs.

There are seven main types of Miva Modules:

  • Currency Modules
  • Tax Modules
  • Shipping Modules
  • Payment Modules
  • Utility Modules
  • Fulfillment Modules
  • System Modules
  • Component Modules

What do they cost?

Modules are a very affordable way to add features. Typically the cost of a module is between 1/10th and 1/20th of the cost of custom development by a programmer.

Ready to shop? Visit the Miva Module Store.