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This is on of our most popular Miva services. Our website development department serves a loyal market of Miva Shopping Cart owners who need very particular functionalities programmed into their shopping carts. Having worked in the Miva industry since the mid-90’s, we have over two decades of experience in delivering brilliant solutions for specialized eCommerce needs.

“I swear, you are certified Miva magicians or something! You always have clever solutions for our Miva store needs.” Brian Freeman, Cemetery Dance Publications

Custom Miva Programming Services

Here are some examples of the type of Miva development that we specialize in:

1/4 of a Yard Measurements for online Fabric Stores

“Your yardage solution is much more elegant than the one offered by Miva.” Dale Riehl, City Quilter

“Being able to sell my fabrics online, like I do in my bricks and mortar, has energized me to put more products into my Miva store. My customers used to have so much confusion checking out. No more customer friction.” Kimberly Jackson, The Stitching Depot

‘Use Your Own Shipper’ Checkout Solution

“Your ‘use your own shipper’ system has automated a process that used to take hours of manual labor, phone calls and emails, in order to switching shipping information for a customer per order. Now they have two choices when checking out. They can use the shipping options we offer, or put their own shipping account information in our system once, and choose it immediately each time as they check out. That way their shipping account is charged directly for the shipping, rather than our charging for it. Everyone saves time and we have more customer loyalty.” Pat Pepe, West Florida Components

Real-time quantity discount pricing Display

“Your solution to force the minimum quantity of 50 and to display the proper price when certain quantity levels were input by customers is genius. Prior to this, we had no way to show our customers in real time on the product page, the price they were actually going to pay. They had been disappointed that while we offered quantity discounts, the product page didn’t show it. This has improved conversions a lot.” Richard Daub, Logo Tags

Faceted Search

“I used to pay hundreds of dollars for Search Spring, but now with your one time programming fee, I can facet my search effectively in Miva without recurring fees. Once we figured out which three main facets would serve my industrial customers best, you did the rest. It works great, and I am saving so much money.” Pat Pepe, West Florida Components

Our Custom Miva Programming Process

In almost every case, once we start a custom programming project, you will find a few things to add to the contract. Sometimes they are related items, or in others, the development process reminds you of unrelated things you want solved. It is a very iterative process. And, of course, in many cases, unforeseen issues with previous developer code, etc, can extend your project. In all cases, we will keep you highly informed, so that the project stays on track and in budget.

  • Intake and Consultation
  • Scope of Project Creation
  • Development Contract
  • Addendum(s) to Contract
  • Final Review and Sign-Off

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